Established in the late 80's, we have serve numerous corporate clients. With nearly 2 decades of experience, we poised to served our clients with commitment and passion.
Our company emphasizes on team worktrust and relationships.

Corporate Secretarial

Our Company provides corporate secretarial services as follows:-
Company Liquidation & Dissolution
Incorporation of Companies
Business & Partnerships Matters
Employment Pass & Immigration Matters

Corporate Structuring & Planning

We assist in a small and subsidiary role when requested by our clients in corporate structure change ie. implementing board, shares and other forms of corporate restructuring

Income Tax Service

Our Company provides tax services as follows:-
Taxation (Corporate & Individual)

Accounting Services

Our Company provides Accounting services services as follows:-
Compilation of Financial Reports
Payroll Services
Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly reports
Ratios and data analysis

Corporate restructuring, changes & solutions

Shareholding changes
Directors changes
Share structure changes
Numerous currencies shares
Different nationalities directors and shareholders
Other changes

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Jack Chan,
18 May 2013, 23:54